martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Hugs and (lots of) kisses to all of you, worldwide readers!

Hi, guys and girls. First of all, thanks for visiting the blog and making the effort to search and choose the downloads among the tons of descriptions in spanish. We really appreciate it. Yes, we are aware that the language is a problem for many of you. We recieved in our group in some petitions to switch the language we use here from spanish to english. Personally, I would not have a real problem at all with it, but I also know that many other people in the blog would. Because we all don't have the same enlgish level, or the same capacity to write it properly, or to express ourselves with it.

However, since we care about our visitors, we decided to offer you what we consider a decent option. We introduced a GoogleTranslator gadget at the top of the left side of the blog.

All you have to do is open out the list and select the language you want to translate the blog to!
Right, this means that you will be able to read the blog on your own language. Of course, the accuracy of the automatic translation will decrease as the gramatical differences between the languages increase.
Anyway, I think the translation to english is pretty decent and, of course, enough to understand our descriptions of the bands, wich, in the end, is what you were asking for!

So we all hope that you now enjoy the blog more and more than you did before!


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  2. Thank you for the gadget! I didn't understand your spanish before but, now... there's no problem!!! :D
    jajajaja ¡A seguir subiendo música si no queréis que me convierta en una moderna electrónica!

  3. Yeah, it'll be our most powerful motivation! Thx for your comment, hxkure! :D

  4. Yeah, mi "enlgish level" is the worst. Que los guiris aprendan el idioma de Don Quijote, hombre ya!